We love games. We make games with love.
TOPchan Games
TOPchan Games is like a sofa where developers having different gaming and creative backgrounds gather together united by a single idea: we love games. It is important for us to create a unique experience for players, a synergy of visuals, sounds, music, scenario and gameplay. This synergy gives birth to something bigger than each of its components taken alone, as this is the magic of real videogames.

TOPchan Games is a team of devoted game developers with 2 to 15 years of experience in the game industry. We have our own game production and provide outsource services.
Our key specialists worked at such companies as HeroCraft, Quazar Studio, Enkord Games, Crazy Panda, Playability LLC, RockFrog, Project First, and Edges of Reality among others.
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  • Fast delivery
    Streamlined project pipeline aimed at increasing the production speed.
  • Experience
    Every aspect of game devlopment in TOPchan Games is leaded by experienced game developers (10 to 15 years in the industry).
  • Knowledge
    New staff training and supervision system which allows reducing the final production costs.
  • Fair prices
    Our prices are fair, and if you have a limited budget we can advice what can be done on it.
  • Wide scope
    3D, 2D, back end, story-driven games, action games, role playing games, mobile, PC, Nintendo Switch - we can do all of that!
  • Made with Unity
    We use Unity as the fastes and most universal engine for making games for various platforms.
We provide the full range of game development services:
  • Programming – Front End
    Unity, C#
    - PC
    - Mobile (Android, iOS)
    - Nintendo Switch
    - Unity html5
  • Programming – Back End
    Tech: ASP.NET Core 6, .NET 6
    Protocols: TCP, UDP, WebSocket
    Database: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL database: Redis, MongoDB
    Web servers: nginx, IIS
    Message broker: RabbitMQ
    Containerization systems: Docker
  • 3D Graphics
    - Modeling
    - Rigging
    - Animation
    - Textures
  • 2D Graphics
    - Characters
    - Environment
    - UI
    - Pixel art
    - Spine animations
  • Game Design
    Expertise, design documents, game mechanics, scenarios, narrative design, user experience, etc.
  • Sound Design
    - SFX
    - Music
    - Ambient
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